Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Esquel Group and Everbright Environment signed a strategic collaboration agreement

Esquel Group and Everbright Environment signed a strategic collaboration agreement on February 16, opening doors to new possibilities in environmental technology. 

Through the agreement, the two parties will leverage Esquel’s 40-plus years of experience and expertise in manufacturing, energy and wastewater management with Everbright Environment’s leading waste-to-energy technology to bring sustainable solutions to industry players in the fields of renewable energy, industrial wastewater treatment and potentially more. 

Majorie Yang, Chairman of Esquel Group said, “We are incredibly pleased to partner with China Everbright Environment.  Esquel will continue expanding its ventures, research and development in exploring business opportunities associated with low carbon. Everbright Environment is not only the leading environmental solution provider in China, but also the largest environmental enterprise achieving carbon negative. This collaboration is an important step in the direction we want to take towards further and stronger business expansion and development from Esquel’s long-time position as a vertically integrated supply chain. It is a partnership that will also accelerate our progress in reaching our pledge to Net Zero by 2050.”

Mr. Wang Tianyi, Chairman of Everbright Environment said, “Everbright Environment and Esquel Group are the most influential enterprises in their industries. Esquel, as an integrated textile and apparel supplier, is equipped with advanced technology and abundant resources. It has also been expanding its business from manufacturing to the technology space over the years. China’s strong push towards Net Zero has created many opportunities in the field of green technology. Everbright Environment and Esquel Group will strive to collaborate on and promote GHG reduction, green services and green technology in China and the Greater Bay Area.”