Monday, July 25, 2022

Esquel Group secures first Green Loan from Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Esquel Group (“Esquel” or the “Group”) secured its first Green Loan of USD88 million from Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”). The Group will be using proceeds from the Green Loan to finance or refinance capital expenditures on eligible sustainable projects that are a part of ongoing efforts to implement green initiatives at its campuses and generate positive environmental benefits. BOCHK acted as the green finance consultant for Esquel, working with the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) to complete the formulation and certification of the green loan framework. 

The loan proceeds will go towards refinancing Integral, Esquel’s Sustainable Development Garden in Guilin, as well as funding projects that will improve energy efficiency, wastewater treatment and pollution prevention at its manufacturing sites. Investments in energy efficiency projects will allow the Group to upgrade powerplant turbines and air compression technology, build high-efficiency solar panels on rooftops, refine steam collection processes for better heating, improve lighting panels, and more. 

Esquel will also invest in further research and development for its flagship wastewater treatment plant in Foshan, one of the largest within the textile industry in China.

Andy Kwok, BOCHK’s Deputy General Manager said, “Esquel, a leading enterprise in the textile industry, has been keen to harness the latest technologies to achieve its goals of providing quality employment, green manufacturing and sustainable development. BOCHK is delighted to collaborate with Esquel on green loans to support its vision of net zero emissions.”

Wilkie Wong, Esquel’s Chief Financial Officer said, “As a family-owned private business, we have been persistently holding on our vision and mission on Green and Sustainability for a long time. And as a first step tapping into the green financial market this year, we are proud to secure a Green Loan from BOCHK and a Green Finance Certificate from HKQAA. Both achievements demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development. We want to thank BOCHK for their support, and we are delighted to work with such a forward-looking partner to encourage green financing. This loan will allow us to continually innovate more eco-friendly production processes to minimize our environmental impact, as we work towards our pledge to achieve Net Zero by 2050.”