Monday, June 12, 2023

Integral Achieves Two-star Certificate of Green Building Label

Esquel’s Sustainable Development Garden, Integral, has recently been awarded the Two-star Certificate of Green Building Label after a successfully evaluation by green building experts organized by the Housing and Construction Department of Guangxi, China. This honor fully demonstrates Integral’s achievements in the field of green building and its outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Integral has always integrated the concept of environmental protection into the entire life cycle of the project. By strictly following green building standards, it focuses on the rational use of resources, reducing energy consumption by buildings, and decreasing carbon emissions. The Green Building Label is the testament of these efforts and achievements.

The evaluation report highlights Integral’s adoption of green building technologies such as energy-saving lighting, solar photovoltaic power generation, water-saving appliances, green walls, rainwater storage, waste heat recovery, and waste recycling. The report also recognizes Integral’s optimized wind, sunshine, indoor light environment and other aspects, all of which have reached or exceeded the national two-star green building standards.

Adhering to the vision of Making a Difference, Integral has always put sustainable development in the first place. Winning the Two-star Green Building Label marks another important milestone for Integral after being awarded the LEED O+M Existing Buildings Gold Certification. Moving forward, Integral will continue to take on social responsibilities and empower the green development of the industry.

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Two-star Certificate of Green Building Label



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