Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Integral receives accolades at the HKIA Annual Awards 2019/20

It is our great pleasure to announce that Integral, our Sustainable Development Garden in Guilin, China, has received the Merit Award outside Hong Kong (Industrial/ Transport/ Utility Building Category) at the HKIA Annual Awards 2019/20. Additionally, Integral was selected as a finalist for the Special Architectural Award (Architectural Sustainability Category).

The HKIA Annual Awards is organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architect (HKIA) with a view of promoting excellence of design in architecture which contributes significantly to the built environment in and outside Hong Kong.

The jury of the Awards lauded Integral for its efforts to “minimize impact on the natural surroundings and context” and believed that the quality of Integral’s internal working environment has set a high industry standard.

Attending the Prize Presentation Ceremony on November 23, Esquel Group Vice Chairman Teresa Yang said, “This award win is another major recognition of Esquel’s vision of Making a Difference embodied by Integral’s pioneering architectural design and development model, which combines modern technologies, quality employment, innovation and environmental sustainability.”

Integral, as a showcase of how manufacturing and nature can coexist in perfect harmony, continues to gain recognition in the architectural industry. So far it has won significant awards such as the Gold Award (Un-built Projects: Architectural Design Scheme) in the HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards 2019; as well as the Honor Award for Architecture and the Sustainable Future Award in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) International Region Design Award 2019.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our partners, including the architecture firm Ronald Lu & Partners for helping us tell the story of Integral and showcase Esquel’s committed vision in sustainable development through their outstanding architectural design.

From left, Guymo Wong, Director of Ronald Lu & Partners, Teresa Yang, Felix Li Kwok Hing, President of HKIA, and Bryant Lu, Vice Chairman of Ronald Lu & Partners attended the Prize Presentation Ceremony on November 23.


Set in the scenic landscape of Guilin, China, Integral is Esquel’s Sustainable Development Garden that reflects the company’s belief in sustainable economic development.