Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The launch of “ShanghaiTech-Esquel Joint Lab” fosters innovative university-industry collaboration

Esquel Group is delighted to unveil a Joint Lab with ShanghaiTech University (ShanghaiTech), marking the beginning of an exciting 5-year project that will serve as an innovative research platform for university-industry collaboration.

The inauguration ceremony was held on December 4 at ShanghaiTech. It was officiated by the President of ShanghaiTech Minheng Jiang, Party Secretary of ShanghaiTech and Vice President Ruxin Li, Vice President and Provost Jie Yin, together with Esquel Group Chairman Marjorie Yang and Head of Research and Development Yugao Zhang, and joined by representatives from ShanghaiTech faculty and Esquel.

The Joint Lab is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions for traditional manufacturing enterprises in the course of transformation. Driven by Esquel’s vision of “Making a Difference”, the Joint Lab will combine Esquel’s technological edges in the textile and apparel industry and ShanghaiTech’s unique position in people development and academic research.

In her speech, Ms. Yang said advanced technology such as artificial intelligence has radically shaped the industrial landscape, and Esquel Group must brace for future challenges. The collaboration with ShanghaiTech represents an immense opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and seek technological solutions. Esquel’s manufacturing facilities will serve as a base for ShanghaiTech’s research applications.

President Jiang acknowledged huge significance in the University’s collaboration with Esquel Group. “Esquel will be an important platform for us to foster research applications and student development. We will also offer tailor-made technological solutions for Esquel. The productivity boost could benefit Esquel and the industry as a whole.”

Esquel Group and ShanghaiTech also announced they had agreed on the Joint Lab’s short-term objectives and action plan.

Located at the Shanghai Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, ShanghaiTech University is a young university founded in 2013 with an academic focus on STEAM research and an aim to nurture a new generation of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs.