Tuesday, 16 October, 2018

Vice Chairman Teresa Yang Shares Corporate Vision on Embracing Innovation & Technology in an Interview with HKET

In a recent interview with the Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), Vice Chairman Teresa Yang shared how the company has embraced innovation and technology to optimize our production line and to strengthen our position as the industry leader.

The scope of work of our frontline technicians is no longer limited to operating machines, they can leverage technology and data for analysis and identifying ways to enhance productivity. 

The Esquel University not only allows us to systemize our training programs, it also allows us to upskill our people so that they are better prepared in the era of Industry 4.0. The practical yet fun "App Inventor" program changed employees' perception of technology adoption and turned them into confident users of technology. An employee's driven Esquel Carpool App was created subsequently to facilitate ride-sharing among colleagues in Gaoming, China. 

Managing a workforce of 57,000 is no easy task, Yang believed a positive workplace culture with mutual trust and respect will bring out the best in employees.  ​

On a side note, Yang also talked about how our strategically located factories contributed to the flexibility we have in the midst of the China-US trade dispute. 

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