Monday, April 16, 2018

Esquel participated in the China Ultra 100-Guilin

The China Ultra 100-Guilin cross-country race was held on April 15, 2018 in Xingping of Guilin, a historical town with breathtaking scenery. Organized by Esquel Group, Sanfo Race and Racing the Planet, the race attracted 180 enthusiastic runners around the world to participate.

With the theme “Zero Waste”, the event aimed to promote sports tourism in Guilin and raise the awareness of environmental conservation. Esquel collaborated with environmental NGO Friends of Nature (自然之友) to recycle the waste generated during the event.  

Eleven colleagues from Esquel raced at the event and achieved excellent results. Congratulations to Ming Feng Mo for placing second in the men’s 30km category and Juliana Rose Batista for placing third in the women’s 70km category!  

Other than participating in the race, Esquel also had volunteers to support the event and sponsored PYE and Determinant shirts to the winners.

Congratulations to the event organizers for successfully hosting an exciting event.