Friday, May 7, 2021

Esquel Vietnam won accolades at the Vietnam National Quality Awards 2020

We are proud to announce that Esquel Vietnam won accolades at the Vietnam National Quality Awards 2020. These awards recognize enterprises that promote the standing of Vietnamese products in both domestic and foreign markets through outstanding performance, with noteworthy quality and competitiveness of their products and services.

Esquel Garment Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd was one of the 21 enterprises that received the Golden Prize of the Vietnam National Quality Awards 2020, among other major production companies including Nestlé Vietnam Company Limited and Sa Giang Import Export Corporation. To qualify for this honor, companies must meet seven criteria across their management and technological innovation geared towards improving product quality: leadership; strategic planning; customer and market orientation; knowledge measurement; analysis and management; human resource management and development; operating process management; and performance results. It scored 925 out of 1,000 points across these criteria, in a demonstration of our all-rounded commitment to excellence. In addition to this remarkable achievement, another Esquel facility in Vietnam, Esquel Garment Manufacturing Vietnam – Hoa Binh Co., Ltd, was among 40 enterprises that won the National Quality Award.

Congratulations to Esquel Vietnam for this incredible, nation-wide recognition.